A special thanks to all our backers from the June 2014 Kickstarter Campaign. You are helping us take Realm of Strife to the next level, and beyond. We hope you enjoy playing Realm of Strife as much we enjoy developing it.

NOTE: This page will be updated with links to any content created as a result of backer rewards, as they become available.

Knight Lord

  • Meagan Biffle, Benjamin & Lucas Dorozio - Backer Reward Campaign underway
  • "Thea Grace"- Backer Reward Campaign underway
  • Dan King - Backer Reward Campaign underway

Knight Marshal

  • Gratisites - Backer Reward Campaign underway
  • Jim - No Backer Reward Requested
  • Scott & Graham Milne - Backer Reward Campaign underway

Knight Templar

  • n/a

Knight Captain

  • n/a


  • Katie Dorozio - Backer Reward Campaign complete
  • Chris Krahn - No Backer Reward Requested
  • Gary Helmer - No Backer Reward Requested

Knight Regular

Foot Knight


Loyal Squire

  • Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis
  • Carlo G.
  • Kyle "Fiddy" Pinches
  • George Panopoulos
  • Doug "Kalem" Haynes
  • Doyle Clemence
  • Matt "Kelthar" Reid
  • Doug Kneller
  • Nicolas Barbezat
  • Liam McConnell
  • Ed Pegg Jr
  • Oliver
  • Lyndsey
  • Brad Stanton
  • Megan "Nezumi" Greathouse
  • "Vareesa"
  • Braeden
  • Emerson Thurber

Honored Page

  • Derek "Pineapple Steak" Swoyer