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Featured Class Codex's:

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BerserkerBerzerker Thumb.jpg
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KnightKnight Thumb.jpg
GuardianGuard Thumb.jpg
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PaladinPaladin Thumb.jpg
SwashbucklerSwashbuckler Thumb.jpg

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Cleric Thumb.jpg
RangerRanger Thumb.jpg
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MageMage Thumb.jpg
DruidDruid Thumb.jpg
AssassinAssassin Thumb.jpg
RuneweaverRuneWeaver Thumb.jpg
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New to Realm of Strife?
Search the "Lore" tag for details on the Creation Mythos of Realm of Strife and much more
Check out our GM Guide to learn how to run an adventure or campaign or your own (work in progress)
Looking to start your own campaign but need some ideas? Check out the "Places of Interest" tag on the side bar for some unique ideas developed in part by our Kickstarter backers.
Want to try Realm of Strife out for yourself? Check out our pre-built Demo Characters
Want to create your own level 1 character and begin your adventure? See our Character Creation rules.

What does Realm of Strife have to offer?
  • Dynamic Class System: Realm of Strife uses 7 core class mechanics, each with it's own resource, unique play styles, and skill systems: Fury, Honor, Vigor, Spirit, Faith, Stealth and Focus. Each of these class mechanics can be used on it's own, or in combination with any other class mechanic, to make not just a split-class or multi-class, but an entirely new class, 28 in total in fact.
  • Limitless Character Customization: 28 unique classes, 20 levels, 7 class mechanics, 860+ abilities/spells, 190+ class oriented titles, 65+ secondary skills and many more passive or auxiliary skills and abilities, all adding up to more character customization than you could ever play through in a lifetime. At last count there was over 287 million possible builds, and that's before even considering weapons and armor
  • In-depth Crafting System:Go even deeper with your character customization, with a robust crafting and enchanting system that allows you to apply prefixes (craftings) and suffixes (enchants) to all your weapons and armor, using resources harvested as you play out your adventures.
  • Tactical Combat: Realm of Strife has a fully developed rule set that features turn based combat with a heavy focus on teamwork, tactical decision making and creative ability combinations to achieve victory
  • Community Based World Building: Our community has worked (and continues to work) alongside the creator of Realm of Strife to build the game setting. Currently Realm of Strife offers a pre-built fantasy setting including 2 continents, each with their own history, lore, factions, and exciting locales that can act as the back drop for a limitless number of adventures or campaigns.
  • The Codex of Creation: An excellent resource for GMs, containing hundreds of pre-generated monsters, enemies, and/or NPCs, with variable titles to create unique and challenging encounters for your players, no matter what level they play at. The Codex of Creation is a live resource that continues to be developed and updated regularly, including content created by our players.
  • Free to Play: Everything you need to play is available online or as downloadable PDFs from this site, for free, under our Creative Commons license

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Realm of Strife™ is playable in its current state but has been under continuous development since 2007, with earlier incarnations dating back as far as 1994. Testing and development is still underway and the website itself is a work in progress, so please bear with us.

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  8. Core Rules
  9. Crafting
  10. Damage Negation
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  12. Elven History
  13. Elves
  14. Enchant
  15. Faith
  16. Gant
  17. History & Background Info
  18. Honor
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  20. Leonen
  21. Lore
  22. Norlanin
  23. Orcs
  24. Place of Interest
  25. Primary Skills
  26. Republic of Gant
  27. Secondary Skill Categories
  28. Secondary Skill Suppliments
  29. Secondary Skills
  30. Solastaris
  31. Supplementary Rules
  32. Tindermoot
  33. Titles
  34. Tolgatha
  35. Transportation
  36. War of the Twin Terrors

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