The Amethyst Dragon Flight, sometimes also referred to as the Purple dragon flight, are... (physical description coming soon)
Alignment: Neutral
Tendency: Chaos
Temperament: Meddlesome
Realm of Origin: Wonders
Habitat in the Realm of Strife: coming soon...
Favored Humanoid Forms: Halfling, Human
Racial Ability: Mana Aura
Spirit Powers: Common/Mana
Stance on Experimentation: The Amethyst Dragon Flight actively encourages and even participates in mortals efforts to create or manipulate Common/Mana spirit powers
Use of Draconids: yes

All members of the Amethyst Dragon Flight, whether true dragons or Draconids, have an affinity for Common/Mana Spirit Powers, giving them increased critical hit chance with Common/Mana powers. These bonuses are already included where applicable.
Amethyst Dragons are immune to all Common/Mana damage, while Draconids are resistance and therefore only take half damage from any Common/Mana damage.


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