This is an open wiki page where any member can post balancing issues that they believe need to be reviewed. Feel free to post as much as you'd like, however be aware that not every issue will be addressed.

Known Balancing Issues Currently Being Investigated

  • investigate rate of passive honor code stack gains for Guardians (restrict to regular taunt only not taunting shouts??? ALREADY IS RESTRICTED)
  • make Taunting Shout a bigger investment (Disengaging from combat rules accomplished this)
  • possible range reduction on vigor taunts to even them out better with honor taunts
  • possibly award Knights more title based extra code points (Currently only3)
  • default stat lines seem to be slightly under powered
  • aspect of the rhino bonus damage likely too high for the cost
  • Faith Difficulty on Erosion (Primal) may need to be increased or damage/effects slightly reduced (armor reduction changed from 50% to a flat 20 armor reduction)
  • Kinetic shield may need a small nerf
  • Aspects may need some broad nerfs (Rhino for example...) ALSO make ALL aspects scale by tier and then make Primal crafting for non- Primal casters, default to Tier 1 only) DONE
  • Maybe take a similar approach to Blessings (Blessings have been transformed into 'per tier' system)
  • FRR: change it so you only need to PASS 1 FRR test each round, and after that cannot loos Focus that round (watch for long term implications of this however) (factor it by the amount of damage taken perhaps) (if changed, check out Divine Defence) (FRR mechanic has been replaced with taking a Resolve stat test ONCE per round. see Focus Resource)
  • Spirit for split classes may be too low (has been increased to 1d8 for mixed classes)

Recommendations for Investigation

  • A 'run' or 'hustle' option to move faster if no instant or action was taken (has been added, see Sprint)
  • Flanking attack modifiers (only apply in formation combat, which is a supplement that hasn't been released yet)
  • Attacks of opportunity (moving out of base contact) (has been added, see Disengaging from Combat)
  • Static charge, when knockdown effect procs, does insane damage (ability has been updated)
  • Transcendence Craftings percentages too low/ too long to stack. (has been updated)
  • An equal to bladed horse shoes for flying mounts.