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Priest Trimmed.jpgWhile they vary dramatically by culture and function, at the heart of almost every religion or Faith path is a priestly order. Priests are individuals who both care for the sacred places of their Faith and minister to its followers. Completely devoted to their chosen Faith path, whether it be a deity or a philosophy, they are unshakable in their dedication and see themselves as responsible for maintaining or advancing its influence and reach. As either a conduit for their god into the physical world or a skilled teacher in their chosen path, a Priest is capable of performing miraculous feats through prayer, meditation, and supplication.

While Priests are typically some of the most prolific healers throughout the land, they should not be passed off as simple well-doers. They are just as capable at calling down the wrath of their gods to smite their enemies as they are in influencing a friend or foe with a vast array of powers. Some even delve into the sinister world of demonic forces, trading their very soul in exchange for immense power.

Despite lacking the versatility of a mixed Faith class, Priests are invaluable additions to any band of adventurers, providing the most reliable and potent application of Faith powers of any class. This comes at a pricewielding these miraculous powers with such proficiency requires a great deal of time and effort spent in quiet contemplation, leaving little time for martial training of any kind. This means that when a Priest takes to the field of battle, they typically do so wearing priestly robes and wielding ornamental weapons. They are extremely fragile and should be well-protected in combat to realize their full potential in a group.

Class Overview

Typical Roles: Healer, Support/Utility, Ranged Damage
Damage Types: Faith (Holy, Demonic, Psionic, Primal)
Class Mechanic: Faith
Available Races: High Elf, Wild Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Human, Half-Elf, Orc, Half-Orc, Kayden, Minotaur, Centaur
Initial Gold: varies by race from 85.5 to 157.5

During Character Creation you may choose to use the Default Stat Line, before racial modifiers, instead of rolling for stats, or if after rolling ten sets of stats you don't like the results

Natural Armor Proficiency: Cloth
Trainable Armor Proficiency: none
Natural Weapon Proficiency: Knives, Bludgeons, Staves
Trainable Weapon Proficiency: Whips

See Armor and Weapons pages for details. When using a weapon that your class is not proficient with, see Combat Penalties

Class Passives & Secondary Skill

Class Passive: Evangelize
Class Synergy: Dedication
Class Secondary Skill: Theologian, Runecraft, or Teacher

Level Ups

Priests use the following chart for leveling up:

  1. Max Faith Powers Known does not include Tier 0 powers (i.e. Prayers/Rituals/Systems/Mantras)
  2. Leveling up only increases the capacity for known Faith Powers, to actually learn new powers see Learning New Faith Powers for details


Specializations are recommended for advanced players only, and are accomplished through the Secondary Skill system (see Specialist Skills). Priests may choose to specialize their skills in up to one weapon use and/or two faith disciplines, but can not have more than two specializations in total.
  • Max one Weapon Specialist skill (choose from: Knives, Bludgeons, Staves, Whips)
  • Max two Faith Specialist skills (choose from any Discipline associated with your Faith Path)

Title System

Priests gain titles based on their rank and standing within an highly organized and regimented group or society of fellow Priests and clergymen. This system of gaining titles is referred to as Orders.

The standard Order based title ups for Priests are as follows:

When gaining weapon and/or armor proficiencies from titles a character must still receive training before equipping those weapons and/or armor. A proficiency unlocked from a title-up simply opens up the ability to receive the training.

Due to the highly regimented nature of Priestly orders and established religions or faith paths, it is extremely easy to find oneself on the outside. As such there is a robust set of Outlaw Titles available to the Priest class.

Common Builds

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Additional Lore

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Notable Characters

Ebonethia Sablewood
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Example Character

Elena Oakheart, a level 4 Halfling Priest with , avoidance multi target tank build

Note: this example character sheet does not include any updates from 2015 on