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Runeweavers are perhaps the most exotic practitioners of the Spiritual arts. They believe that by spending time in meditation and reflection the Soul can attune itself to the Spirit, becoming a harmonious and potentially deadly force. That force is then channeled through the body by means of a network of runic tattoos inscribed on their skin.

By activating their tattoos and tracing runes with their fingers, wands, knives, or even the fluid movements of their entire body, they can weave together complex Spiritual powers. As they grow in power they use the canvas of their skin to record an ever-increasing number of tattoos. Thus it becomes very easy to identify the most powerful Runeweavers from among their peers.

This method of spell casting is more akin to martial arts than the academic approach of most other Spirit users. Runeweavers do not spend their time in dusty libraries studying ancient tomes, instead preferring intense sessions of martial training followed by deep meditation. Not only does this make them extremely focused and adept at hand-to-hand combat, it also means they can cast spells that would normally take academics years to master simply by channeling the harmony of Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Class Overview

Typical Roles: Support/Utility, Melee Damage, Ranged Damage
Damage Types: Physical, Spirit (Arcane, Elemental, Natural)
Class Mechanic: Spirit and Focus
Available Races: High Elf, Wild Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Human, Half-Elf, Orc, Half-Orc, Kayden
Initial Gold: varies by race from 118.8 to 218.8

During Character Creation you may choose to use the Default Stat Line, before racial modifiers, instead of rolling for stats, or if after rolling ten sets of stats you don't like the results

Natural Armor Proficiency: Cloth
Trainable Armor Proficiency: None
Natural Weapon Proficiency: None
Trainable Weapon Proficiency: Knives, Staves, Wands

See Armor and Weapons pages for details. When using a weapon that your class is not proficient with, see Combat Penalties

Class Passives & Secondary Skill

Class Passive: Deep Meditation
Class Synergy: Arcane/Elemental/Natural Focus
Class Secondary Skill: Runecraft, Martial Arts, or Singer/Dancer/Musician

Level Ups

Runeweavers use the following chart for leveling up:

  1. Add bonus spirit gain from intellect bonuses if applicable
  2. Max Spirit Powers Known does not include Tier 0 powers
  3. Leveling up only increases the capacity for known Spirit Powers, to actually learn new powers see Learning New Spirit Powers for details
  4. New focus abilities require training unless they are upgrades (i.e. Rank1 Heart Punch -> Rank2 Heart Punch), see Learning New Focus Abilities for details


Specializations are recommended for advanced players only, and are accomplished through the Secondary Skill system (see Specialist Skills). Runeweavers may choose to specialize their skills in up to one weapon use, one combat style and/or one spirit study, but can not have more than two specializations in total.
  • Max one Weapon Specialist skill (choose from: Knives, Staves, Wands)
  • Max one Combat Specialist skill (choose from:Freehand, Great Weapon, Paired Weapon, Freestyle, Peltast, Warder, Pugilist, Physical Defense)
  • Max one Spirit Specialist skill (choose from: Devastation, Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, Fortification)

Title System

Runeweavers gain titles as part of the system of runes that they tattoo on their skin, also known as the Rites of the Runeweaver. These rites are informal, usually being personal rites of passage or rituals performed in the presence of a small group of like-minded individuals. For Runeweavers, each Rite is accompanied by the ritual tattooing of a new Root Rune upon their skin. Either by their own hand or by the hand of one whom already possesses that Rune. For Runeweaver Titles, the particular Rite they have completed is added as a suffix to the title, i.e. the T5 rite of nature would be something to the effect of Emerald Tiger, Green Tiger, or Wild Tiger

The standard Rites based title ups for Runeweavers are as follows:

When gaining weapon and/or armor proficiencies from titles a character must still receive training before equipping those weapons and/or armor. A proficiency unlocked from a title-up simply opens up the ability to receive the training. Knives are an exception to this rule and don't require training of any kind to wield in melee combat, however if used as throwing weapons they do still require training.

Among Runeweavers there is a forbidden Rite, shrouded in mystery and spoken of only in whispers. It is said that the Rite of the Serpent allows a Runeweaver to access every school of spiritual powers with a singular root tattoo. Anyone choosing to mark themselves with this forbidden root tattoo are forever identified by the Outlaw Title; the Serpent.

Common Builds

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Additional Lore

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Notable Characters

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Example Character

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