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Loyalty and honorthe Samurai prize these virtues above all. To lose them is a fate worse than death, and so the Samurai spends a lifetime devoted to their pursuit. When not actively in combat, Samurai eschew the pleasantries of life and spend their days training with sword, bow, and heavy armor, while also honing an unrivaled mastery of defensive martial arts. As such, in physical combat they are rarely bested, their desire to fight with honor being their sole weakness in many cases.

When their combat training is paired with years of battlefield and command experience, a Samurai may grow to become a master of the art of warfare, making them natural leaders in any situation. To gain the loyalty of a Samurai is to gain a faithful ally for life, however it comes at a cost, for a Samurai expects those whom they serve to likewise carry themselves with honor.

Their intense loyalty most often places young Samurai in the service of some manner of Lord or high ranking official, where service is rewarded with lands and titles. Samurai can grow to become very powerful in their own right. In the High Elven tradition, they may even rise to the lofty station of Shogun and rule over entire feudal societies. However, the Samurai way of life is one of extreme self sacrifice coupled with highly focused training and therefore outside of High Elven culture, true Samurai are rare though not unheard of.

Class Overview

Typical Roles: Tank, Support/Utility, Melee Damage, Ranged Damage
Damage Types: Physical
Class Mechanic: Honor and Focus
Available Races: High Elf, Human, Minotaur
Initial Gold: varies by race from 180.0 to 240.0

During Character Creation you may choose to use the Default Stat Line, before racial modifiers, instead of rolling for stats, or if after rolling ten sets of stats you don't like the results

Natural Armor Proficiency: Cloth, Leather, Mail
Trainable Armor Proficiency: Plate
Natural Weapon Proficiency: Knives, Swords (including 2-Handed), Polearms
Trainable Weapon Proficiency: Bows

See Armor and Weapons pages for details. When using a weapon that your class is not proficient with, see Combat Penalties

Class Passives & Secondary Skill

Class Passive: Salute
Class Synergy: Honour in Battle
Class Secondary Skill: Dual Wield, Military Training, or Combat Specialist (of Samurai's choice)
note: If wishing to specialize in a particular combat style that requires weapons that the Samurai does not have as a starting proficiency, you may save the point to be spend at a later date

Level Ups

Samurai use the following chart for leveling up:

  1. increasing the number of code points in Honor Strike from 1 to 2
  2. New focus abilities require training unless they are upgrades (i.e. Rank1 Heart Punch -> Rank2 Heart Punch), see Learning New Focus Abilities for details


Specializations are recommended for advanced players only, and are accomplished through the Secondary Skill system (see Specialist Skills). Samurai may choose to specialize their skills in up to one weapon use and/or one combat style.
  • Max one Weapon Specialist skill (choose from: Knives, Swords, Polearms, Bows)
  • Max one Combat Specialist skill (choose from: Sword and Board, Freehand, Great Weapon, Paired Weapon, Freestyle, Sharp Shooter, Skirmisher, Peltast, Warder, Mounted, Pugilist, Physical Defense)

Title Ups


The standard Order based title ups for Samurai are as follows:

When gaining weapon and/or armor proficiencies from titles a character must still receive training before equipping those weapons and/or armor. A proficiency unlocked from a title-up simply opens up the ability to receive the training.

Common Builds

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Additional Lore

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Notable Characters

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Example Character

Ashinara Dhra'kama, a level 4 High Elf Samurai specialized in Dual Wield Sword combat, with a high parry tank build

Note: This demo character is up to date as of September 2016