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Shaolin Trimmed.jpgMost Shaolin hail from ascetic monastic orders and lead a life of quiet contemplation, study, and martial training. Excelling in unarmed combat, and supplementing their skills with the power of their Faith, their very body can become an instrument of considerable power. While their unique way of life originates from the High Elves, it has spread to many cultures and faiths. There are always those who wish to lead a simpler life, removed from the stress and opulence of the wider world.

Many Shaolin monasteries provide charitable services to nearby communities in exchange for land and goods, making them regarded favorably in most cultures. Though they typically live a peaceful life removed from society, some Shaolin choose to champion righteous causes that align with their own beliefs. Those fortunate enough to secure an Shaolin ally will reap a multitude of benefits as the Shaolin can fulfill many roles: acting as a healer, supporting allies, confounding foes, and even inflicting harm with considerable competency when the need arises.

Class Overview

Typical Roles: Healer, Support/Utility, Melee Damage, Ranged Damage
Damage Types: Physical, Faith (Holy, Demonic, Psionic, Primal)
Class Mechanic: Faith and Focus
Available Races: High Elf, Wild Elf, Halfling, Human, Half-Elf, Kayden
Initial Gold: varies by race from 99.8 to 152.0
During Character Creation you may choose to use the Default Stat Line, before racial modifiers, instead of rolling for stats, or if after rolling ten sets of stats you don't like the results

Natural Armor Proficiency: Cloth
Trainable Armor Proficiency: Leather
Natural Weapon Proficiency: None
Trainable Weapon Proficiency: Knives, Staves

See Armor and Weapons pages for details. When using a weapon that your class is not proficient with, see Combat Penalties

Class Passives & Secondary Skill

Class Ability: Deep Meditation
Class Synergy: Meditative Faith
Class Secondary Skill: Martial Arts, Brewmaster, or Alchemist

Level Ups

Shaolin use the following chart for leveling up:

  1. Max Faith Powers Known does not include Tier 0 powers (i.e. Prayers/Rituals/Systems/Mantras)
  2. Leveling up only increases the capacity for known Faith Powers, to actually learn new powers see Learning New Faith Powers for details
  3. New focus abilities require training unless they are upgrades (i.e. Rank1 Heart Punch -> Rank2 Heart Punch), see Learning New Focus Abilities for details


Specializations are recommended for advanced players only, and are accomplished through the Secondary Skill system (see Specialist Skills). Shaolin may choose to specialize their skills in up to one weapon use, one combat styles and/or one faith discipline, but can not have more than two specializations in total.
  • Max one Weapon Specialist skill (choose from: Knives, Staves)
  • Max one Combat Specialist skill (choose from: Freehand, Great Weapon, Paired Weapon, Freestyle, Peltast, Warder, Pugilist, Physical Defense)
  • Max one Faith Specialist skill (choose from any Discipline associated with your Faith Path)

Title System


The standard Order based title ups for Shaolin are as follows:

When gaining weapon and/or armor proficiencies from titles a character must still receive training before equipping those weapons and/or armor. A proficiency unlocked from a title-up simply opens up the ability to receive the training. Knives are an exception to this rule and don't require training of any kind to wield in melee combat, however if used as throwing weapons they do still require training.

Common Builds

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Additional Lore

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Notable Characters

Creedon Roth
Archivist of Heroes Guild

Example Character

Creedon Roth, a level 12 Human Wayward Shaolin following the Shibou'la (High Elven Temple of Desire), specialized in Hemomancy