The Third Creation represents beings of Spirit, Substance and Soul. Though in the Realm of Strife they have grown to become primarily beings of Substance. While all beings of the Third Creation are beings of Spirit some are more aware of the Spiritual powers than others, these are the Mages and other Spirit users among the Third Creation. However most beings of the Third Creation cannot wield Spirit powers at all.
Once, when the beings of the Third Creation still lived in the Realm of Eden, they were all one in the same. However when Creation was fractured so too was the Substance of the 3rd Creation, moulded according to the variety of powers that influenced them most. This lead to the creation of many races within the Third Creation, each with its own unique form and affinities. After the Downfall, these beings can be categorized into three sub groups based on how much their Substance or physical form as effected.

NOTE: While playable races in the Realm of Strife are all comprised of races descended from the 3rd Creation, the listings here are for use as enemies not player characters. For Racial information for Player Characters see the Races page.


Humanoids were effected the least by the Downfall, some even are said to have retained their original form, known as Humans, but suffering a dramatic shortening of their life span. Most others saw minor changes to their physical bodies such as size and musculature. Some even gained unique features such as pointed ears. All of the Humanoid races gained different affinities for the powers that moulded them into what they became, leaving an indelible imprint on how their societies and culture would develop. There are a variety of Humanoid races include:
Some occupations, vocations, or other classifications are generically shared by a multitude of humanoid races, as such they are summarized simply as:


Anthromorph races are those who saw their forms more drastically altered, typically taking on Animal-like traits and characteristics. For some this was a permanent change while for others it would become a cursed condition running through the blood in their viens that could afflict any race and cause them to turn into beastial forms when exposed to certain environmental conditions. Anthromorphs include:


Of all the Third Creation, Greenskins were most effected by the Downfall. Named after their distinctly different skin pigments (typically but not always Greenish in colour), many suspect that they represent those among the Third Creation that were most heavily influenced and deceived by the Demons in order to bring about the Downfall, giving them vile degenerate forms, violent dispositions, and even reducing their intellectual capacity in many cases. While they are not actually Demonic beings, the influence that Demons have had on them sets them at odds with the rest of the Third Creation. Greenskin races includes: