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VigilanteTrimmed.jpgThe Vigilante is an ordinary citizen that has grown tired of the constant suffering and injustice of the world around them. Too often are the weak and the poor tread upon by the strong and affluent, all while law and order turn a blind eye. For the Vigilante, this causes great internal outrage and eventually they see themselves as having no choice but to take matters into their own hands. Soon they are raising arms to defend those that cannot defend themselves or seeking justice when supposedly honorable men and women fail to uphold their own principles.

Fury burns within the Vigilante, who feel honor bound to become the hand of justice. But it is a justice of their own design, forged in the chaos of the streets and filth of the gutters, where every wrong must be repaid in kind. This inevitably puts them at odds with the established laws of the land, but by the time this occurs the Vigilante is likely to already see themselves as above the law.

Some will call them brigand; some will call them hero. Among the common folk, as word of their deeds reaches far and wide, they may even become a champion of the people. This is a dangerous thing for those wishing to establish law and order, or for those that would oppress the weak, for a champion of the people has the protection of those people and can appear untouchable by lawmakers and enforcers. Guided by their own moral compass and sense of honor, a Vigilante is prone to falling prey to their own personal vices, for they typically walk a lonely path through life. For those truly above reproach, it may instead be a well paid assassin’s blade that is their undoing. But regardless of the truth of their life or death, the lasting legacy of any noteworthy Vigilante is for your name to be celebrated among the people and your legend taught to children for generations to come.

Class Overview

Typical Roles: Tank, Support/Utility, Melee Damage
Damage Types: Physical
Class Mechanic: Fury and Honor
Available Races: Dwarf, Halfling, Human, Half-Elf, Orc, Half-Orc, Kayden, Minotaur, Centaur
Initial Gold: varies by race from 128.3 to 236.3

During Character Creation you may choose to use the Default Stat Line, before racial modifiers, instead of rolling for stats, or if after rolling ten sets of stats you don't like the results

Natural Armor Proficiency: Cloth, Leather
Trainable Armor Proficiency: Mail
Natural Weapon Proficiency: Knives, Swords, Bludgeons, Axes
Trainable Weapon Proficiency: Swords (2-Handed), Bludgeons (2-Handed), Axes (2-Handed), Polearms, Shields

See Armor and Weapons pages for details. When using a weapon that your class is not proficient with, see Combat Penalties

Class Passives & Secondary Skill

Class Passive: Lawless
Class Synergy: Blood and Honor
Class Secondary Skill: Bounty Hunter, Intimidator, or Non-Lethal Combat

Level Ups

Vigilantes use the following chart for leveling up:

  1. New Honor Codes and new Code Abilities require training unless they are upgrades (i.e. increasing the number of code points in Honor Strike from 1 to 2), see Learning New Honor Codes and Code Abilities for details
  2. Re-calculate Fury Max each level
  3. New fury abilities require training unless they are upgrades (i.e. Berserker Strike -> Improved Berserker Strike), see Learning New Fury Abilities for details


Specializations are recommended for advanced players only, and are accomplished through the Secondary Skill system (see Specialist Skills). Vigilantes may choose to specialize their skills in up to one weapon use and/or one combat style.
  • Max one Weapon Specialist skill (choose from: Knives, Swords, Bludgeons, Axes, Polearms)
  • Max one Combat Specialist skill (choose from: Sword and Board, Freehand, Great Weapon, Paired Weapon, Freestyle, Warder, Mounted)

Title System


The standard Renown based title ups for Vigilantes are as follows:

When gaining weapon and/or armor proficiencies from titles a character must still receive training before equipping those weapons and/or armor. A proficiency unlocked from a title-up simply opens up the ability to receive the training.

Common Builds

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Additional Lore

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Notable Characters

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Example Character

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